Comment utiliser les codes QR ?

Qu’est ce qu’un code QR et comment l’utiliser ? La réponse à cette question est plus complexe qu’il n’y paraît. En quelques mots un code QR est un code graphique que l’on peut scanner avec un téléphone intelligent, le téléphone pourra alors lire l’information stockée (lancer une page web, lire un fichier vCard …) Les compagnies marketing […]

The problem with incentives

Human resources are usually facing two challenges : increasing the productivity and keeping their good employees. These two problems are in my mind related to each other. You need to hire the good employees, keep them motivated and productive. Different companies, different industries have different ways to try to achieve just that. It’s increasingly difficult to […]

Why do we need outside consultants ?

When involved in our day to day activities, it can be difficult to stop, take some distance, and have a complete view of the situation. But if need be we could do so pretty easily. Take a day off site, alone of with your team to reflect on different issues you may have. Sometimes though […]

Project management

Outsourcing project management can be complex, and I won’t deny that there is a leap of faith involved in the process. So why bother ? In several cases, outsourcing is a good solution because the outsourced project manager can bring to the table a different point of view, can facilitate (especially when the project is not […]