How to efficiently use QR Codes ?

What is a QR code and how to use one ? It’s not as easy as it seems to answer this one. To put it simply a QR code is a thingy that you can scan with your camera phone and read the encoded information such as launch a webpage, read a vCard … Marketing companies are […]

The CEO Should Be The Chief Experience Officer

That’s another way to express that people are buying an experience, not a product. Experience is key to success, and to failure. Why the CEO should be the Chief Experience Officer.

It’s always about trying something new

Trying something new is for some people a terrible thing to do, and it’s even more frequent when we talk about organizations. I am a strong believer in open source, for me the open source software give your organization the flexibility required to evolve with the market. When I think open source, I think Drupal, […]

The first rule of managing your emails

Information overload is quite common nowadays. We receive so much information by so many channels that we can feel overwhelmed.It’s especially true with emails.I saw managers with more than 1000 emails unread in their inbox. Seriously, how can you recover from that … There are countless of methods to manage your inbox, I need to find […]

Conseil en technologie de l’information

J’adore la technologie. Presque tout est possible aujourd’hui. Il y a toujours “une application pour ça”. Les possibilités sont infinies, que ce soit pour du positionnement de marque, de la promotion produit, du suivi de vos utilisateurs, de vos clients, de vos prospects. Que ce soit pour gérer vos documents internes, vos relations avec vos […]