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Ariolix Consulting offers services based upon service innovation approach.
Service innovation is one of today's best way for companies to differentiate themselves from their competition.

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Operation management innovation

The way you provide the service can have a tremendous effect on the relationship you have with your customers, thus on your growth. The operation management innovation introduces the tools and techniques that you can use to improve the delivery of your product or service, and also to set you apart from the competition.

Business process innovation

Innovation on the business processes means finding better ways to deliver your service, either in the administration of the company or in the execution of your main activities. It is a way to have more satisfied customers and at the same time to have operations that are more efficient and less costly.

Business model innovation

Your business model is the way to monetize your product or service and turn in a profit. Your business plan is a description of the model and how you will implement it. Innovation on the business model is a really powerful way to create a business that will endure.

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Cyril Arnaud
Ariolix Conseil Director

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