For years, the translation industry has operated on the same model: per-word pricing.

This seems particularly convenient for the translator. It is a simple way of assessing the effort required to complete the translation. However, it becomes much more complicated when you start looking at the number of repetitions in a text, or the ratio of phrases that have already been translated in the past.

This is particularly the case for present-day marketing and communication publications. Messages are shorter and, depending on the medium chosen, every word is of crucial importance. This makes it complex for both the client and the translator to assess the true value of the translation effort.

We believe that every client should focus their energy on achieving an impactful message rather than being limited by a number of words.

This is why we have launched an unlimited translations offer.

No counting, no negotiating on the number of words, or on the number of revisions. Only one thing counts: that your message is as effective regardless of the language you choose to use.

At present, we provide this service in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

How does it work?

You choose a package and then submit your texts directly to us. We do not handle document layout or graphic design: we only translate the text you provide to us.

Your package then moves into our project pipeline, which we then process one project at a time.

The translation turnaround time then depends mainly on your package: VIP Package projects have priority over Premium Package projects, which have priority over Growth Package projects.

Packages are designed for a full month, and you can change your package or simply cancel your subscription at any time.

There is only one commitment and that is ours: to provide you with a professional, hassle-free translation.

The packages

We are currently offering three monthly packages:


Unlimited translations

Professional translators

Ideal for social media publications

Designed for growing small businesses


Growth Package+

Higher priority for execution

Dedicated Project Manager

Ideal for newsletters and social media


Premium Package+

Tailored for companies that publish content on a regular basis

Ideal for blogs, newsletters and social media

Don’t wait any longer

Start working on your content creation today and let us help you publish all your content in the languages of your target markets.

Contact us to discuss the details and to set up your translation department!