I’m trying to read a lot of articles and books, and I end up with a nice list of articles that I add to my Pocket list to read them later.

I have a lot of unread articles on this list, and here are the few ones I suggest for you to read over this week end

  1. You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much?—?The New Yorker
    It’s a nice article about the efficiency of work. Do we work too much, or in other words, could we attain the same results while working less. Doesn’t really provide answers but make you think a lot about your own situation and lead you to consider your and your coworker’s happiness.
  2. The Research Is Clear: Long Hours Backfire for People and for Companies?—?Harvard Business Review
    More hours doesn’t translate in more output but does translate in health problems. Among other findings and proof in different studies, this article gives a nice overview of the compelling reason to stop being proud of putting 60 hrs work week (and seriously I should take notes).
  3. Working Over 40 Hours a Week Makes You Less Productive, Not More?—?Lifehacker
    It’s a lighter version of the same rationale : if you work 60 hrs a week you’ll hurt yourself in the (not so) long term.
  4. Workers in a World of Continuous Partial Employment?—?What’s The Future of Work??—?Medium
    That’s a long read. I’ll keep this one for sunday morning while enjoying my coffee 😉
  5. Why It’s Safe for Founders to Be Nice?—?paulgraham.com
    The math behind being nice in business. Simply a treat to read 🙂

I have of course much more on my reading list.

I know I have few readers myself, but that would be nice to share what is on your reading list, or what you have read recently.

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