Outsourcing project management can be complex, and I won’t deny that there is a leap of faith involved in the process. So why bother ?

In several cases, outsourcing is a good solution because the outsourced project manager can bring to the table a different point of view, can facilitate (especially when the project is not in your core competences).

For example, the development of a website for a company in the agrifood business can lead to scope creeps, frustrations, and delivery of a product that will not answer to the customer needs. All that while involving on the project team people with great talent, strong skills … in their domain.

Outsourcing your project can help you prepare your statement of work (better understanding of your real needs), select the best supplier for your situation (identification and rating of different tools, solutions, suppliers), improve your communication with the different suppliers, and of course control your project to stay on budget and on time.

So what do you think about outsourcing your projects ?

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